Cast-Iron Pan Love

There was an article in Bon Appetit a while back titled “There is No Love Like Cast-Iron Pan Love” and that is the truth.  Like the Tentsile Hammocks and Tents, cast-iron pans are also one of my obsessions. And the mother of all cast-iron pans resides at LRM (he has a

Our Hammock in the Woods

Check out our hammock in the woods just a little ways up the mountain!  It’s a Tentsile T-Mini Double Hammock; we got a little bit obsessed with their products last year and had to try it out! I’m still new to this and learning how to ratchet and balance, but I have

Don’t Forget to Bring…

I‘ve forgotten to bring the same things time after time on my trips out to LRM, so I thought I’d share my quick list of nice-to-have (or must-have, depending on your mood or perspective!) items for a weekend in the woods:

  1. Coffee.  Duh.  And you’ll be hard pressed to come